New Release: jQuery EasyTabs Plugin

30 April 2010

I recently wrote a lightweight jQuery plugin called EasyTabs, and it is now released on the official jQuery plugin website. Most front-end developers are familiar with the jQuery-UI tab plugin. However, it is a very magical plugin with a complex structure, which completely styles your tabs for you, and limits your options when deciding how to structure the tabbed content.

For instance, it is very difficult to place your tabs below the tabbed content with jQuery-UI tabs.. You must perform some crazy CSS trickery, because jQuery-UI tabs forces you to place your <ul> before your content <div>s. Not to mention all of the jQuery-UI styling it does to your tabs by default, making it difficult to override and apply custom stylization to your tabs.

This new plugin, jQuery EasyTabs, is very flexible for the required markup and structure of your tabs and content. Also, it handles only the functionality of creating in-page tabs, leaving all of the styling up to you and your own CSS.

To check it out, see our documentation and demos. Then when you're ready, you can download it from the jQuery plugins website.

About the author:

Steve Schwartz // Owner of Alfa Jango, CTO of Genomenon, co-founder of Carcode (acquired by in 2014), engineer, developer, open-source enthusiast, guitarist, and racecar driverist.

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