We help you build your startup.

We are your technical expertise.
We build your product and provide guidance to get your product to market faster.

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Ruby, Rails, JavaScript and HTML5

Technical Guidance

Like an acting Chief Technology Officer, we help analyze your target market and problem-space, and connect your market with the technical vision of your product to choose the best technology stack for your needs.

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CTO and Development team

Scalable Dev Team

Our passionate development team is here for you. We quickly build your Minimum Viable Product, providing a lean yet strong base from which to build. With your MVP, you’re able to launch and begin gathering feedback and gaining momentum as soon as possible.

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Design and Branding for your startup

Branding & Design

We'll be your creative experts to get your product the best brand in the market.

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These are some happy clients!

I have worked with many software developers in my career. Alfa Jango has not only deep technical expertise, but what is more valuable and rare, is a team that acts as a founding CTO, providing great advice on what to build, in what sequence, saving you money and increasing the likelihood of your success.
— Ed Farrell,
Alfa Jango brings our ideas to life, but more than that, they constantly go above and beyond, applying their insight and care to every aspect of our application. Thoughtful, thorough, and true professionals - it is an absolute privilege to work with this team.
— Cait Holman,
I'm certain that my start-up wouldn't be at the point it is now without the professional work of Alfa Jango. I hit a home-run by working with Alfa Jango!
— Nic Stelter,
Steve Schwartz and the rest of the Alfa Jango team have been absolutely integral to the development of PriceLocal from conception to launch and beyond. Alfa Jango listens well and always provides solutions that exceed expectations.
— Matt Chosid,

Our past, present & future

Housed in the Northern Brewery historic office building in downtown Ann Arbor, MI, Alfa Jango, LLC is dedicated to helping your business grow and scale with web-based software and application development.

We work closely with startups to quickly grow and transition them to viable companies with minimal investment, by developing and building a successful Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and then quickly iterating thereafter.

And for our enterprise clients, we use this same lean methodology to build reliable, tested, scalable applications with minimal cost.

We the Team

Steve Schwartz Managing Member / Developer

Steve's bio is forthcoming. In the meantime, here's some stuff he's done.

  • Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering from Kettering University
  • Founded and built RateMyStudentRental.com and LeadNuke.com
  • Maintainer of jquery-ujs and jquery-rails in Rails core
  • Built popular open-source software including remotipart gem and jquery-easytabs plugin

Scott Goci Developer

Scott's bio is forthcoming. Suffice it to say, he's an awesome developer, entrepreneur, and all-around great guy.

Kevin Ryan Graphic Designer

Kevin leads all our design from UI/UX Design, Branding, Graphic Design and Illustration. After years in the agency world Kevin brings his skills and creativity to Alfa Jango's team.

Angie Mininni Office Manager

Angie's bio is forthcoming. Angie is a dedicated office manager who keeps everyone happy and inline.

Richard Peng Developer

Richard loves gadgets, especially the Internet of Things. Also a foodie and beer lover. He enjoys hiking and wants to visit all of the National Parks.

Jonathan Gabel Developer

Jonathan took the scenic route to programming through sculpture, video, and teaching contemporary art history. He and his wife moved to Michigan two years ago with their cat named Monkey. This has been confusing to the two year-old next door.

"Ooo Ooo Ooo?"

"No, Meow."

Max Langensiepen Developer

Max's bio is forthcoming. Max comes from a long line of ancestors, and he loves front-end software development.

Alec Tower Developer

Alec's bio is forthcoming.

Where do we go from here?

Let us show you in these four steps, and we will be on our way.

Step 1 Talk with us

Send us a message so we can setup a phone call. In the Ann Arbor or Detroit area? Let's grab a coffee! If we're a good fit, it's on to Step 2!

Step 2 Dive in and plan

We'll take you from wherever you are in the startup planning process to having a solid outline and budget for building your Minimum Viable Product. This MVP will include what we'll build and more importantly what we won't build.

Step 4 Support & iterate

Now that the MVP is launched,
the journey is getting started.

Tell us about your project & join the team.