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We can take over the development and support of existing applications, or we can help you plan and build your startup from the beginning.

We build web applications, complex data processing projects, mobiles apps for iOS and Android, and more.

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Technical Planning

The greatest value we provide is showing you what NOT to build. Sometimes the best solution to a problem facing your startup is not the technical solution.

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Scalable Dev Team

Our software developers have built over 50 applications over the past 8 years. We've built startups that have gone from bootstrapped to acquired and we have open source projects with millions of downloads.

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Branding / Design

Branding and graphic design for startups is tricky. You need a professional and unique brand that builds credibility and memorability with early adopters. However, you don't want to invest a lot early on in a brand from which you may iterate or pivot away. We've mastered the art of iterative design.

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Get started building your startup!

Let us show you in these four steps, and we will be on our way.

Step 1 Talk with us

Send us a message to set up a phone call. In the Ann Arbor or Detroit area? Let's grab a coffee! If we're a good fit, it's on to Step 2!

Step 2 Dive in and plan

Wherever you are in the startup planning process, we'll creat an outline and budget for building your Minimum Viable Product. This MVP will include what we'll build and more importantly what we won't build.

Step 3 Build

We build the MVP. It's important to launch an MVP as quickly as possible, so you can start gathering feedback and iterating.

Step 4 Support & iterate

Now that the MVP is launched, we can gather feedback from users to expand and refine the product.

What our clients say

I have worked with many software developers in my career. Alfa Jango has not only deep technical expertise, but what is more valuable and rare, is a team that acts as a founding CTO, providing great advice on what to build, in what sequence, saving you money and increasing the likelihood of your success.
— Ed Farrell,
Alfa Jango brings our ideas to life, but more than that, they constantly go above and beyond, applying their insight and care to every aspect of our application. Thoughtful, thorough, and true professionals - it is an absolute privilege to work with this team.
— Cait Holman,
I'm certain that my start-up wouldn't be at the point it is now without the professional work of Alfa Jango. I hit a home-run by working with Alfa Jango!
— Nic Stelter,
Steve Schwartz and the rest of the Alfa Jango team have been absolutely integral to the development of PriceLocal from conception to launch and beyond. Alfa Jango listens well and always provides solutions that exceed expectations.
— Matt Chosid,

We work with startups from:

Take a look below on how we have helped starups in many different ways.

Acquired by Edmunds.com!
Text messaging platform for car dealerships. Experienced rapid growth and then acquired by Edmunds.com in 2014. Now used by 7,000 dealerships worldwide!

Over $5 million raised!
Genome interpretation software for diagnosing and treating cancer and other inheritable disease. Co-founded by leading genomicists at the University of Michigan, and won stage 1 and 2 SBIR grants.

Over $3 million in grants awarded!
Learning management platform for gameful university courses. A research project by the University of Michigan, the project has been Awarded over $3 million in grant funding.

Featured on USA Today!
Purchase Amazon products at local businesses for the Amazon price. An inventory-sourcing platform coupled with browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari to shop online and buy local.

Accepted into the 2015 Hackomotive!
Your CarFriend is with you through the entire car-buying process, from showing you whether you should buy new or used, to advising you through maintenance services and more.

Graduated from YCombinator!
High-end venue booking and customization platform. Founded by the first all-female founding team to go through the venerable YCombinator accelerator program in San Francisco.

We the Team

Steve Schwartz Managing Member / Developer

Steve has co-founded several successful software start-ups as managing partner at Alfa Jango. Steve co-founded and served as CTO for CarCode, which was acquired by Edmunds.com in 2014. He is highly involved in the open source software movement having developed and maintained several popular open source projects, including jquery-ujs and jquery-rails in Rails core, which has been downloaded over 30 million times. He has his BS in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. When not building startups, Steve plays guitar and soccer (not at the same time usually) and races cars.

Kevin Ryan Creative Director

Kevin leads all our design from UI/UX Design, Branding, Graphic Design and Illustration. After years in the agency world Kevin brings his skills and creativity to Alfa Jango's team. He loves to spend time with his kids, floating on the pontoon in the summer and skiing in the winter.

Angie Mininni Office Manager / Project Coordinator

Angie came to Alfa Jango in 2013 with experience in real estate, but a passion for start-ups. As office manager, she keeps everyone in line, making sure they are where they need to be and have everything they need to be their best. She loves fitness and health, cooking, and staying active with her wild mini-dachshund.

Jonathan Gabel Developer

Jonathan came to Alfa Jango a wide knowledge of Ruby, Javascript and CSS. He began his programming career with front-end web design, adding javascript UI enhancements as a specialty before moving to MI. Jonathan has a BA from Carleton College and MFA from Rutgers University. He taught Sculpture, 3D-design, Ceramics, Drawing, and Digital Arts, and currently teaches Contemporary Art Theory online for Mercer College.

John Hoinville Director of Operations

John comes to Alfa Jango with experience in team leadership, product development, project management, and business analysis. He has worked with everyone from Fortune 10 companies down to small entrepreneurial startups. John's passion is people and building amazing applications for his clients. When John is not working he loves to spend time with his wife and three daughters and is passionate about long-distance running.

Ioannis Igoumenos Developer

Ioannis came to Alfa Jango with experience in CakePHP, Javascript and CSS and specializes in Identity Management techonologies (IAM). Ioannis has a BA and MSc in Computer Science from the University of Thessaly(GR) and an MBA from the University of Patras(GR). When he is not coding he loves training in the gym.

Julia Iwinski Developer

Julia built her academic credentials in project management, data analysis, front-end development, and leadership. She comes to Alfa Jango with a passion for JavaScript and building accessible UX/UI. In her free time Julia enjoys arts and crafts, any type of puzzle, and skiing. As a resident of Arizona, most weekends involve hiking, camping, or soaking up the Phoenix sun by a pool!

Our Space

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Branding / Design

Our software developers have built over 50 applications over the past 8 years. We've built startups that have gone from bootstrapped to acquired and we have open source projects with millions of downloads.

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Announcing Dynatable.js 2013 Dec 10

We've been quietly building a jQuery plugin over the past couple years to help make tabular data more interactive. You might be familiar with existing plugins such as DataTables. But after extensive use, we finally made the decision that it wasn't for us.

JSON-parsing YAML Vulnerability in Rails (and bonus patch for 2.2.x) 2013 Feb 05

This exploit is similar to the XML vulnerability explained in our last post. This exploit, however, is in the JSON parsing of Rails 2.3.x and 3.0.x, due to the fact that the built-in JSON parser in those versions of Rails delegated a lot of its logic to the YAML parser. The exploit and official patches were announced here on the official RoR Security mailing list.

Rails XML Parameter Vulnerability: Summary and Fixes 2013 Jan 10

There's been a lot of commotion lately about the critical vulnerability in Rails (>= Rails 2). And with good reason. For technical details, you can see any number of write-ups, including the post on the Rails-core mailing list from Aaron Patterson, this post on Rapid7, and this discussion on Hacker News. There are also posts on the EngineYard blog and Heroku blog. In this article though, I'd like to 1) boil the issue down to its most basic principle, and 2) outline your options for fixing.

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